Hybrid and electric vehicles are changing the automotive world for the better. Kia has already made huge strides in this technology and intends to keep doing so. At Grand Kia, you can learn all about these hybrid and electric options. So, be sure to visit our dealership in Thornton soon.

What's the Difference Between Hybrid and Electric

The main difference between hybrid and electric vehicles is their powertrains. A hybrid model will come with both a battery and combustion engine. That leads to higher fuel efficiencies while still enjoying the standard power you're used to in Denver. Electric models only come with a battery that powers a series of motors. This system leads to impressive efficiencies and a greener way to commute.

Hybrid Kia Options

There are many popular Kia models that come with hybrid options. The new Kia Niro comes with both a standard and plug-in hybrid configuration, offering different levels of innovation to match Arvada customers' preferences. The new Kia Sorento also offers hybrid options. This is a versatile SUV that is only added to by the impressive fuel economy its hybrid version brings to the table.

Electric Kia Options

The new Kia Niro does not only offer hybrid configurations, but it has an all-electric trim as well. There is also the exciting Kia EV6. This is a huge step in the EV field that will completely change the way you drive through Westminster. The new Kia EV6 boasts a fantastic range and even charging times that will surpass competing electric vehicles.

Learn More About Hybrid and Electric Kia Models Today

If you are looking to learn more about hybrid and electric Kia options, simply call or visit us at Grand Kia near Lakewood. We can walk you through what is currently available and what is on the horizon. These innovative models posses so many perks that will benefit you throughout your daily drive.

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